Wednesday, 5 November 2008

login page problem in Oracle APPS 11i

We faced an interesting problem in Oracle APPS 11i, that login page was not displaying when we clicked on the Ebusiness home page on http://appsserver:port, instead showing the login page, it showed us nothing.

When we checked the error_log file for Apache in forms node, it was showing the following error,

[Tue Nov 4 15:55:29 2008] [error] [client] client denied by server configuration: /oracle/app/comn/portal/uat_essappuat/oprocmgr-service

We checke almost all the configuration files, we also checked the tnsping from forms node, just to check whether it is able to connect to the database, we used sqlplus on forms node, to connect to the database node, and all was working.

we opened the SR with Oracle Support, and having seen the logs, they referred us to use note 372096.1, And when we checked the hosts file of forms node, the entry for the forms node server was with the following entry.

10.x.x.x sername

what we did, we removed the servername, from /etc/hosts file, and restared the forms / appache services with ./ and when we checked every thing was working and users were able to see the login page and logged in successfully.


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