Monday, 24 November 2008

Oracle 9i AS R2 Report Server shutting down issue

We faced a problem in Oracle 9i AS R2 report services, the log messages was showing as (URLEngineImpl:shutdown): Shutting down engine.

We tried to restart the report services from command line and from enterprise manager console, but after successfull restart it was shutting down again.

When we ran the following command

./$ORACLE_HOME/bin/ server=rep_server

it was throwing the following error

REP-56033: Job 67192 does not exist.

We checked the XWindows server and it was working fine, so the issue was not with the Xwindows as well.

we did the backup of the rep_server.dat file and removed this file, it is at the path $ORACLE_HOME/reports/server, having removed this file, we again restarted the reports services with the command line and it was all working, we used the following command

nohup $ORACLE_HOME/bin/ server=rep_server &

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