Thursday, 5 March 2009

Inactive - No Concurrent Manager after running autoconfig


Due to IP change in one of our APPS testing environment, we ran autoconfig on all the application tier and database tier, but after the successful running of autoconfig, when we checked the concurrent manager by submitting "Active Users" request, it was showing "Inactive - No Concurrent Manager" error.


Following are the steps which we did.

We shutdown all the application tier services web , forms , concurrent manager and again restarted, but it was showing the same error, "Inactive No Manager" for submission of "Active Users" request. see the screen shot.

We checked the log files for concurrent manager, and we found following error messages in ICM log files.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------Application Object Library: Concurrent Processing version 11.5
Copyright (c) 1979, 1999, Oracle Corporation. All rights reserved.
Internal Concurrent Manager started : 04-MAR-2009 09:44:58
---------------------------------------------------------------------------Spawned Process 8573Could not contact Service Manager FNDSM_TESTSERVER_uat. The TNS alias could not be located, the listener process on TESTSERVER could not be contacted, or the listener failed to spawn the Service Manager process.Spawned Process 8574
Process monitor session started : 04-MAR-2009 09:44:59---------------------


We searched on metalink site, and found following note 392246.1helpful.

Requests Stuck with Inactive No Manager - Routine AFPESA Cannot Construct the Name of an Executable File

When we checked the env files in $APPL_TOP/admin, we found that the Custom Top were not defined in that file. We updated the env file with the custom top and restarted the Concurrent manager and it was working fine.

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