Monday, 10 August 2009

How to apply patch in Oracle Financials 11i

The following document shows how to apply patch in Oracle Financials 11i with multi node isntallation.

Steps to apply patch:
These steps assuems that Oralce Financials 11i is installed on 2 nodes. Following are the details.

node1 : Concurrent Manager and Database
node2: Forms and Webserver

Patch is always applied on the recommendations of Oracle support, and norally they fix some bugs or they enhance some functionality.

The patch can contain the driver files, they can be either "copy", "database" and "generate" driver files. Or they can be in "unified" driver files.

Following steps show how to apply the patch which contains "c", "d" and "g" driver files.

1- Copy the patch on each node.
2- Shutdown all the services on Application tiere, only the database and listener should remain up and running.
3- Enable the maintenance mode by using "adadmin" tool.
4- Start the "adpatch" utility to apply the patch in the following order.
a- run the copy (c.drv) on every APPL_TOP of every node.
b- run the database driver (d.drv) from administration node.
c- run the generate (g.drv) on every APPL_TOP of Application nodes.
5- Disable the maintenance mode.
6- Restart the services.
7- Check the Applications by running one request.

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