Friday, 14 August 2009

Report Server issue in Oracle 9i Application Server R2 .....

This post is related to describe the Report server issue with Oracle 9i AS R2. For this release of Application Server, the X Server is mandatory to run the report server. If there is any issue with the X Server then the Report Server will not work and users would be waiting to print their reprots.

Troubleshooting and Resolution:
We faced interesting issue with our reprot server for Oracle 9i AS R2. And following is procedure by which we successfully resolved the report server issues.

--> Report Server was not coming up, and the error message was following.

REP-50001: Server is initializing

We waited a lot, but it was showing "REP-50001: Server is initializing", the command to run the report server was not throwing the following error after some time:

REP-56097: Engine rwEng-0 callback timeout

We used following command to run the report server:

./ server=rep_testserver4

and it was throwing error REP-56097, even we created different report server with different names, but the behavior was same, it was always throwing REP-50001, REP-56097.

Also we gathered the traces, but no clue was there, also X Server was working fine, in our case we were using vnc X Server. We raised a SR with Oracle Support, and they did many testings with the report server, but nothing worked.

And suddenly what we did we tried to check the X Server from vnc viewer and the report server windows was displayed as soon as we got the X Server console, and when we executed the reports it was all working. So the clue was we had to open the vnc X server console once to get the reports windows, and every thing was working fine. And later we closesd that vnc X Server window, and even then the reports were working all fine.

In Oracle 10g AS R2, there is no requirement for X Server for reports server. We would be migrating our Oracle 9i AS R2 to Oracle 10g AS R2 soon.

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