Saturday, 26 September 2009

Passed Oracle 11i APPS DBA OCP Exam

I wanted to share a good news with you all, that I passed the Oracle 11i APPS DBA OCP Exam.

The exam was easy, but it took lot of time to prepare the exam, as there were 30 chapters in the course contents.

I have preapred some tips for myself, I will post them soon.

have a nice day.

Monday, 7 September 2009

kcrrwkx: nothing to do (end)

We got the following error message in one of the trace file in our background dump dest of Oracle 10g R2 ( database.

kcrrwkx: nothing to do (end)

Troubleshooting and Resolution:
On searching of different forums and metalink, we found the note number: 372364.1, and according to the note, the message is safely ignored, and the only impact would be the size of the trace file, which needs to be purged manually or with cron job. The fix of this bug is in Oracle 11g or Oralce R2