Saturday, 9 July 2011

Oracle Application APEX admin user password reset by script

If you dont know the password for admin user of Oracle Application APEX, and if version of APEX is 3 or higer then the password of admin can be reset by a script.


There is script in the directory of apex softwae and the script name is apxchpwd.sql, this can be run with sys user on sqlplus and it will ask the new password for admin, just type the new password and use it.

Oracle Application APEX admin user

How to create a second amdin user for Oracle Application APEX.


1- unlock the account FLOWS_030000 and login with FLOWS_030000 to Database where APEX was installed.

2- run the following procedure

p_user_name => 'admin2',
p_email_address => '',
p_web_password => 'admin2') ;

3- test the new admin account from the url


it will ask the new admin username and password, in our case the username is "admin2" and password is "admin2", once logged in, the APEX will ask to change the old password.

4- in case you dont know the password for FLOWS_030000, you can change the password and once run the procedure in point 2, the FLOWS_030000 should be locked.